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"Absolutely Brilliant"by Ben Province on March 18, 2019.

I got to hear a little bit of the forthcoming single from Neil and Adam, "Bright Light." And all I'll say is that when this releases, you're going to get to hear them in a way you've never heard them before, equipped with a compelling production treatment that a band of their talent deserves!

Our love of songwriting and joy of touching people through music has always been our passion. We come from a family history of making music. Adam has inherited a talent and instruction from his father who used to work for Motown Records among other artists who are now household names. Neil's inspiration came from his Godfather who played drums for Reba McEntire until his life was cut short along with 7 other gifted and outstanding musicians in a plane crash in 1991.


From the first time we hung out, our guitars were present. We have been writing since 1994 and as long as we are blessed with the ability to make people happy through our music, we will never tire to do so. We have always been inspired by great writers in our lives, and we are driven to help inspire and touch listeners and writers alike.

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